Fishing tour

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Embark on a wonderful journey where the thrill of the catch meets the beauty of the Atlantic! The boats are designed for the ultimate angling adventure, equipped with the necessary technology and amenities. Our skilled crew will share their knowledge as well as the best fishing spots. Under the warm glow of the Canary Island sun, you will enjoy the fishing expedition with your family even if they do not fish. They can accompany you and witness the beauty of the ocean offshore Tenerife.

On the 7-hour trip, we do 2 kinds of fishing: big game and deep sea fishing. We frequently catch Marlin, Tuna, Bonitos, Dorados, etc. on the big game fishing, and Flatfish, Snappers, Jacks, etc. on deep sea fishing. During the 4-hour tour, we do big game fishing only.

There is also a big chance to meet dolphins and pilot whales that inhabit the waters of Tenerife.

Points of interest

  • Big game fishing and deep sea fishing
  • Up to 25 miles offshore
  • Expert crew
  • Best fishing spots of Tenerife
  • Huge variety of marine life
  • Spectacular ocean views


Starting point: Los Cristianos
Duration: 4 or 7 hours
2 rods for each fisher
Food and drinks included

Days of the week

mo tu we th fr sa su
70 €
75 €
Fishing tour
Dedicate your day to an inspiring fishing trip! Take your whole family with you to a comfortable boat, explore deep waters offshore Tenerife and fish in the area with the biggest chance for a great catch.

Select the duration of the tour, the number of fishermen and accompanying people, the date of the tour.

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