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Groups of the cars

When booking a car, you choose a group that contains several models. We cannot guarantee an exact model. If you prefer a specific model, please write it in the comments, we will do our best to consider your preferences. Here is the whole list of cars with number of seats indicated in parentheses.

Group A: Fiat Panda (5)

Group B: Seat Ibiza (5), Opel Corsa (5)

Group C: VW Polo (5), Citroen C3 (5), Fiat 500 Hybrido (4), Smart/Skoda Fabia (4)

Group D: Smart cabrio (4), Fiat 500 cabrio (4), Seat Ibiza Familiar (5)

Group E: Seat Ibiza automatic (5), Skoda Fabia automatic (5), Skoda Scala (5)

Group E1: VW Caddy (5)

Group F: VW Beetle cabrio (4), VW Caddy automatic (7), VW Caddy (7)

Group G: VW Transporter (9)

What you need to know

All cars in our fleet have all risk insurance. You do not need to leave any deposit.

On the agreed hour we will bring you the car to your hotel and sign the contract. You will need to present your ID and driving license B. On the last day of renting the car you will leave the key at the reception of your hotel.

The starting hour is usually in the morning. On the last day the key must be left at the reception by 08:00 in the morning (even if you took the car in the afternoon on your first day).

All cars have air conditioner and radio.

On the first day we will register in the contract how much gas is in the car. You will need to tank the car till the same level of gas before returning it.


Please, let us know in a comment while booking, if you would like to add any of the extras to your car.

If you wish to rent a car in the airport, additional fee is to be paid: 15 euros if it's the Southern Airport, 25 euros if it's the Northern Airport.

You can hire a GPS for 5 euros per day, leaving 70 euros as a deposit that will be returned to you after you give back the car.

If you have kids lower than 135 cm, you are obliged by Spanish law to have baby/booster seats in the car. Please, let us know if you need to add this option and which height your kids are.

If you plan several drivers for the same car, please choose an option to add an extra driver: 3 euros for every additional driver.

Rent a car

Choose the group of the car and number of days